Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Power of Pie

As wolf began to get up and dance off the Jamaican dish he just finished the lights of the restaurant suddenly shut off. No one is quite sure why, but the musicians hardly cared, they began to sing louder and play harder. As the beat got stronger the crowd began to move with more energy. Wolf made his way into to the middle of the crowd and jump and bump just as the people around him. He danced until his heart pumped harder and his breathing became heavier. They danced like this for at least an hour and surprisingly it was Wolf who had to give up. He couldn't dance anymore, his body didn't want to vibe to the jams of the Jamaicans rhythms. As he walked to the door his legs felt like jello and as he stepped out he prepared himself for the smell of the neighborhood he hates so much. Taking shallow breaths he could almost taste something sweet in the air. Wolf in hailed deeply hoping he would have to regret that.
"Pie?" He asked himself.
The smell of the pie almost made him forget that every light in the city was off. Wolf glanced and around the streets to see random people walk in the same direction. Confused he asked Andre who was walking past him what was going on.
"Well, everyone is gong to pie from the dinner since its the only place left with power." Andre explained
"Why?" Wolf asked.
"The hell if I know" Andre shrugged and continued to walk.
Wolf in haled the sweet smell again. The pi smelled delicious, but he wasn't much of a person to follow the crowd so he turned back into the dark, hot Jamaican club and danced.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A little Snack

In the comfort of his own home Caleb just came to the agreement that Patty had drugged him in the tunnel of lust. Letting himself believe this calmed his mind.
"I need to sleep." He said to himself. Dragging his feet Caleb flopped into his bag and feel to sleep. In the midst of sleep Wolf had awaken with a growling stomach.
"Damn I'm hungry." Wolf stretched looking over at the clock. It read 1:18 am. He decided to walk over to the Jamaican restaurant to grab a late dinner.
Walking down the streets he could help but to frown. When he made it to the restaurant he chose a table by the window. A waiter with a fake accent asked for his order and after receiving his food Wolf took in the environment of the restaurant. There was live music and people dancing. Wolf saw the smiles on the dancing people faces. He loved the way their eyes lit up with every new movement. How some kept eye contact as they danced closely together, how they laughed playfully. Watching these people enjoy themselves gave Wolf a scene of comfort. When he dance at second chance he danced his ass off to make thoughts ladies and a few men happy even if it's only for that night. It was his job to make his audience happy, but Second Chances was getting very old to him. Taking another bit of bread he notice a older woman smiling at him. He winked then looked away. He was also getting tired of this neighborhood. The women bored him and the town smelled rancid. And to top off things Bianca Bonelli was apprently stalking him beacuse she was across the street staring at him.  The money he was making was more that enough to get out of this Hell whole, but Caleb had a hold on this place. He's not ready to move on from this place. Becoming a little sad Wolf looked back over at the dance floor and smiled sadly.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


After Caleb's boss Patty explained him what happened in the Tunnel of Lust it only made him believe more than ever that there was defintley some thing going with him.
"I really don't rememeber that, Patty." Caleb said at the end of her story.
"You're kidding me,right?"
"No." He said shaking his head.
"Wolf, I think you're pulling my leg." She said grabing his hand.
"Why do you keep calling me that?" He asked.
"What do you mean? That's your name."
"My name is Caleb." He began to back away from her. Her hands seemed always find a way to touch him. "Stop!" he yelled. Then he turned ran down the street to the direction of his home. Turnin on the corner her saw people break into the ShopnShop, but he didnt stop running. All he wanted to do was go home to get some sanity back from what the day taken away from him. Emilio Francesco was sitting on the stoop of his porch when Caleb finally made it home drenched in sweat.
"Gross." Emilio said looking at Caleb pintching his nose.
"I was about to say the same thing about your face."
"Screw You!"
"Whatever." Caleb replied pushing past him.
Once he was in his own apartment he sat on the sofa. With his head in his hands they reflected in his mind. None of it made sence. The one thing he put together is that the only reason Patty was so nice to him was becasue she wanted him in worst possible way. Caleb wondered why thing had to be so complicated for him.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Dream come true

As they floated down the sewage like tunnel Wolf the party pumper and his biggest fan kissed and groped no stop.
"It's just like a dream." She said staring him in his eyes.
"It's all coming true for you now boo." He said winking at her.
At the end of the ride Wolf picked her up and carried her out. When they finally made it side she could feel his arms giving and she landed butt first on the ground.She looked up startled to see Caleb rubbing his eyes.
"Why did you drop me like that, Wolf?"
"Who?" He asked looking down at her. Before she could say another word people in the carnival began to run around hysterically.
"Run!" Teddy Geisel said.
Caleb helped his boss to her seat and they began to run to the exit along along with everyone around them.

The Tunnel of Lust

After being ditched Caleb wondered for a while taking in the crappy surroundings. The smell and sounds were all of his neighborhood and that mad him smile broadly to himself. Caleb stopped walking when he heard someone call his name.
"Caleb!" He turned to the voice and realized it was his boss. His stomach did a back flip dreaded every step she took closer to him.
"I'm really sorry," He began when she was close enough to the point when they didnt have yell at each other. 
She waved her hands with a smile. "What are you apologizing for?"
"Because i just left the shop when i'm supposed to be working."
"Oh PLEASE. Its a carnival, dont even worry about. It's not often that we get treats like this in our neighborhood."
"Really? MAn i swear the nicest lady i ever met." Caleb ment every word of it. She always treated with the more respect than he has every recieved.
"So have you played any of the games yet?" She asked.
"Naw, i really just got here."
"Wow, not even on ride?"
"Well lets fix that." She looked around the carnival and her eyes landed on some thing behind him. He turned to see a red painted sign that read Tunnel of Lust.
"How about it?" She said with a raised eyebrow.
"Oh, well-." But before he could finish his sentence she grabbed his hand.
They walked into the darkly lit entrance where a fat guy in a dirty powder blue suite sat on a stool.
"Welcome Love birds to the Tunnel of Lust. Take a seat on the love boat." Caleb's boss dragged him on the boat. He could feel his heart pumping faster and fast them he was becoming extremely sleep. His eyes began to close and then fell completely asleep or so he thought.
"Caleb? Are you okay?"
When Caleb opened his eyes he grabbed his boss by the waist then turned to the fat guy and yell. If the boat come a rockin' dont come a KNOCKING. And the boat started to move forward he howled while his boss screamed, "OH WOLF!"

Friday, March 18, 2011


All day random people from the neighborhood ran into the Drug store buying hats to and shades from the newly bright sun.
"Hey Caleb," Said a guy from his building. "You should take off work and go to the fair."
"Aw man i dont think i can. I took off last time and i don't think its going to fly with my boss."
the man look around the store. "Where is she?"
"I think she's in the back." The guy chuckled and shoo is head.
"I just saw her at the carnival."
"Really? I didn't even see her leave." Caleb fiddled with some energy bars at the register.
"I can't just leave the store." The man stood there for a while squinting his eyes.
"I got it!" He finally said.
"Got what?"
"A plan."
"I was wondering what you were doing."
"Aww shut up. Are you ready to listen to me?"
"Okay, what do have to in mind?"
"You close up the shop-"
"I just said i cant."
"Will you let me finish?"
"Okay okay."
"Now, you lock up the store. We go to the carnival and while your boss enjoys the carnival we are too. The catch is that we have to watch her with out her noticing. And when she decides that she's ready t go we take the short cut to work and beat her there!" By the end of his plan he was huffed.
"Wow. You really think thats going to work?"
"Of course. Lets go." He motioned to the door.
As the walked down to the carnival Caleb could hear the slow music floating in the air. After getting is inside he was completely surprised.
"Oh my God what a piece of crap." Caleb said this to Himself.
"Don't be a Debby Downer. There are some people in the world who don't have a chance to enjoys thing like this." Then the man ran away with his open as if he was runnin gg to hug some one.
"I thought you were supposed to help me....." Caleb mummled as the dissapeared from his view.                                                                                                                                            

Thursday, September 23, 2010

After the girl left he sat down thinking about how this wasn't the first time he had been called Party Pumper. He remembered the first time that name had been directed towards him. Caleb was trying to catch the bus after it had pulled off from it's stop. He ran after it knowing it wouldn't stop, but it did. The bus slowed down to a stop and he saw the bus drive wave their hand motioning for him to come. He hopped on thanking the bus driver for stopping.
" Any thing for Party Pumper." A smiled crept at the corners of her mouth and she let out a quite howl. A little hint of fear  came over Caleb and headed to the very back. While they drove  down potholed  street he could see her staring at him in her  shaking rear view mirror. Since that day he wont ride her bus.
" Mr.Wolf, are you feelin' okay?" Asked His boss Patty.
" If I said yes then that would be a lie. I feel so tired. I mean I go to sleep at like maybe 10:30 and I feel like I haven't had a bit of sleep. Its crazy. Look at me, do I look tired to you?" Caleb pointed to his dark circles.
For a second Keri just looked at him blinking like he was making this up.
" What? You don't believe me? I swear I have no idea why I come to work late every other day."
" Caleb, You-." Keri began before getting cut off by the office phone ringing in the back room. " I have to get that it’s probably Kent asking for more free medicine. Tell you what why don't you just go home and get some rest. I know your really trying to keep up with work." She said backing her way to the office.
" No I cant leave you here by yourself."
" Why not there's no one here. I'll be fine."
" Alright. I really appreciate this, I promise to pay you back."
" I know you will." She turned and went into the office.
Caleb got home exhausted trying to go to sleep but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't. So he laid on the sofa watching paid programs about how to get the perfect body in 30 days. He thought it was amazing how he stayed in such good shape when he hardly did anything and these people were willing to pay for that. He watched program after program until it was 10:29. He felt his eyes become heavy and instantly as the clock turned to 10:30 he fell to sleep. At 11:30 Caleb woke up only it really wasn't him it was the other halve of him. The new person stood up going strait to his closet for his hooded jacket. He put it on and headed to the street. At the front door of his apartment building he took a look around as the rained poured down on the pavement washing away the pigeon poop. He despised this place and like every night before heading to work he spit on the ground, but it only washed away.
The new Caleb walked through the back doors of Second Chance. Into his dressing room that read "Wolf". When he walked through the door his assistant Shawn was there preparing his outfits for tonight.
" Hey Wolf, what do you think?" She held up a pair of gray thongs and some wolf ears. Cute right? I made the ears myself."
" It's great what else you got." Wolf asked undressing.
" I also have this." She held up a props for a doctor along with a white lab coat.
" Nice. Throw me the stuff for the wolf out fit." She tossed it to him and he went into his restroom to put it on. Once he had his costume on he admired himself in the mirror.
" Damn!" He thought to himself.
" Wolf it’s 11:30,it’s show time. Your always so late." He came out and she escorted him to the back stage.
" Ready?" She asked fixing his ears so that they would be straight.
" Always." He said with a smirk.
" Okay." Shawn grabbed the mirco phone and walked out on stage. " Ladies who did you come here to see!" she asked the crowd.
" WOLF THE PARTY PUMPER!" The screaming crowd answered and the music began to bump. Wolf could feel the vibration in the stage. He was ready for word flesh because it was his q to come out.
" I hope you women are ready for the Wolf in the flesh!" She said, backing off the stage as the some lights got dim and the red spot light stayed in the center.
Wolf ran out on the stage howling, and the crowd went crazy. He began to dance to the beat, winking and blowing kisses to his adoring fans. Once he started really feeling it he jumped off the stage, giving his favorite customer a private dance while the red spot light followed his every move.
" I love you Wolf!" The woman screamed.
" I love you to Patty!" He said taking the 20 dollar bill from her hand.
It was a dark a rainy night and Caleb's other halve Wolf the Party Pumper just made enough money to pay the rent and more. If the only real Caleb knew what went on after 10:30.